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Tyria [DRFT]


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These are resources (textures or trl files) which are included in the pack, but that are not referenced by anything. Check for typos if the texture or trl is intended to be referenced or remove them from the pack to reduce the size of your marker pack.
  • data/beetle_paths/drft_trail_beetle_lav.png

These are attributes which appear to have invalid values. Mouse over the red values to see why the value is unexpected.
  • <trail guid="doexy1hN1k+dv9NI7F7mEQ+Q==" fadenear="5000" fadefar="5100" traildata="DATA/beetle_paths/br_FFreeze.trl" animspeed="5" texture="DATA/beetle_paths/drft_trail_beetle.png" mapid="1178" type="drft_tracks.region_lws3.drft_br_path_FFreeze.drft_br_toggletrail" />
  • <marker mapid="1271" xpos="87.3623" ypos="93.8102" zpos="822.145" guid="lU55FZaynUik2vXsc/pWYQ+Vw==" type="drft_tracks.region_lws4.drft_br_path_SGrounds.drft_br_finish" />
  • <marker mapid="1043" xpos="2.02999" ypos="304.196" zpos="337.85" guid="r6Ql6pjuUC8qsfNJ2I5/A==" type="drft_tracks.region_hot.drft_br_path_TTerror_NKnot.drft_br_start" />
  • <marker mapid="1043" xpos="2.88138" ypos="304.196" zpos="337.674" guid="/aPnZc2BIckK+Nbuip5ZTNA==" type="drft_tracks.region_hot.drft_br_path_Tarir_Medley.drft_br_start" />


These are festivals which are supported as indicated by the `festival` attribute.

These are achievements supported by the pack using the `achievementid` attribute.


These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack.
  • displayname 369
  • fadenear 369
  • fadefar 369
  • mapid 369
  • guid 369
  • type 369
  • traildata 187
  • animspeed 187
  • texture 187
  • iconsize 182
  • heightoffset 182
  • mapdisplaysize 182
  • iconfile 182
  • xpos 182
  • ypos 182
  • zpos 182

These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack which are specifically supported by Blish HUD.


Map Markers Trails Routes Unique Textures
Auric Basin713015
Bloodtide Coast910013
Wayfarer Foothills8709
Plains of Ashford7708
Tangled Depths67010
Verdant Brink57010
Thunderhead Peaks6608
Dragon's Stand5508
Harathi Hinterlands5506
Gendarran Fields5506
Lion's Arch5406
New Kaineng City4505
Sandswept Isles5406
Cursed Shore5305
Southsun Cove4405
Domain of Vabbi3504
Desert Highlands4305
Caledon Forest4305
Domain of Kourna4305
The Echovald Wilds3404
Seitung Province3404
Frostgorge Sound4305
Elon Riverlands3304
Metrica Province3304
Brisban Wildlands3304
Dredgehaunt Cliffs3304
Kessex Hills3304
Mount Maelstrom3304
Dragon's End3304
Jahai Bluffs3204
Timberline Falls3204
Blazeridge Steppes2203
Crystal Oasis2203
Fields of Ruin2203
Fireheart Rise2203
Grothmar Valley2203
Iron Marches2203
Snowden Drifts2203
Domain of Istan2203
Bloodstone Fen2103
Rata Sum2103
Draconis Mons2103
Ember Bay2103
Black Citadel1102
Straits of Devastation1102
Bitterfrost Frontier1102
Lake Doric1102
Diessa Plateau1102
The Desolation1102
Bjora Marches1102
Siren's Landing1102
The Silverwastes1102
Malchor's Leap1102
Sparkfly Fen1102
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