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These are resources (textures or trl files) which are included in the pack, but that are not referenced by anything. Check for typos if the texture or trl is intended to be referenced or remove them from the pack to reduce the size of your marker pack.
  • data/tehstrails/markers/exitmap6.png
  • data/tehstrails/markers/exitmap7.png
  • data/tehstrails/markers/nextmap.png

These are guids which have been assigned to more than one marker. This can cause unexpected results when markers are hidden due to a behavior attribute.
  • IhizJpjHXkGb1Mtj07NzuQ==
  • J2dh152pk0+OcerE83xr2Q==
  • lWd907ZUa0myRkNOWwJYwQ==
  • 6QBmWlkISk2eALWQlikihg==
  • uSyODP3r9U+zrjiOuKeJHw==
  • V9tKPmS5VEa4cW0pup/PcA==


These are festivals which are supported as indicated by the `festival` attribute.

These are achievements supported by the pack using the `achievementid` attribute.
  • Illuminating Seitung Province
  • Light These Streets
  • Lighting Dragon's End
  • Lighting the Echovald Wilds


These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack.
  • fadenear 7099
  • fadefar 7099
  • displayname 7099
  • mapid 7099
  • type 7099
  • minimapvisibility 6929
  • guid 6478
  • xpos 6455
  • ypos 6455
  • zpos 6455
  • iconfile 6454
  • mapvisibility 6304
  • iconsize 5886
  • mapdisplaysize 1143
  • animspeed 644
  • texture 644
  • trailscale 644
  • traildata 644
  • alpha 636
  • scaleonmapwithzoom 526
  • autotrigger 478
  • triggerrange 478
  • info 414
  • inforange 400
  • achievementid 215
  • achievementbit 215

These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack which are specifically supported by Blish HUD.
  • copy 232
  • iswall 19


Map Markers Trails Routes Unique Textures
The Echovald Wilds32130056
Seitung Province28631044
Lornar's Pass30114053
Diessa Plateau27714051
New Kaineng City24330040
Dragon's End21330034
Caledon Forest22312045
Metrica Province22112038
Timberline Falls21112039
Kessex Hills20112046
Brisban Wildlands19112053
Plains of Ashford18813041
Fields of Ruin18713045
Dredgehaunt Cliffs18213055
Frostgorge Sound17613043
Sparkfly Fen17612041
Fireheart Rise17012043
Mount Maelstrom16411043
Wayfarer Foothills15913046
Bloodtide Coast16012046
Gendarran Fields15714041
Harathi Hinterlands15513045
Snowden Drifts14812041
Verdant Brink1454030
Lion's Arch13512048
Iron Marches13213045
Malchor's Leap13112043
Blazeridge Steppes12512037
Cursed Shore12013041
Straits of Devastation11913040
Auric Basin1254032
Black Citadel7611038
Divinity's Reach7510034
The Grove5812034
Rata Sum5511029
Desert Highlands273010
Mistlock Sanctuary26002
Tangled Depths241011
Crystal Oasis173011
The Desolation14309
Stonewright's Steading410014
Ash Tribune Quarters310013
The Command Core310012
Snaff Memorial Lab310013
Blood Tribune Quarters210012
Citadel Stockade210012
Hunter's Hearth (Home)210012
Applied Development Lab (Home)210012
Council Level210012
Knut Whitebear's Loft110011
Elon Riverlands8207
Queen's Throne Room1001
Seraph Headquarters1001
Caer Aval1001
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