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These are festivals which are supported as indicated by the `festival` attribute.

These are achievements supported by the pack using the `achievementid` attribute.


These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack.
  • displayname 35197
  • mapid 35197
  • guid 35197
  • type 35197
  • iconfile 34359
  • xpos 34359
  • ypos 34359
  • zpos 34359
  • iconsize 34351
  • heightoffset 34351
  • fadefar 33379
  • fadenear 33353
  • minsize 26443
  • minimapvisibility 16604
  • mapvisibility 16500
  • mapdisplaysize 11034
  • behavior 5993
  • traildata 838
  • animspeed 838
  • texture 838
  • resetlength 704
  • togglecategory 19
  • ingamevisibility 8

These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack which are specifically supported by Blish HUD.


Map Markers Trails Routes Unique Textures
Super Adventure Box446340053
Super Adventure Box254239045
Verdant Brink141213064
The Silverwastes10007028
Tangled Depths84540097
Diessa Plateau78217060
Auric Basin7269065
Grothmar Valley6907044
Bjora Marches67213028
Gendarran Fields65919070
Mount Maelstrom65716059
Malchor's Leap60013034
Crystal Oasis57613074
Lion's Arch57810028
Caledon Forest57115064
Super Adventure Box5634014
Thunderhead Peaks5346038
Dragon's Stand50213051
Dry Top4949035
The Desolation4947059
Jahai Bluffs4945042
Labyrinthine Cliffs4788029
Drizzlewood Coast4823029
Siren's Landing4514021
Draconis Mons4459032
Frostgorge Sound41915054
Domain of Vabbi4259060
Metrica Province41911057
Straits of Devastation41812036
Sandswept Isles4205037
Mad King's Raceway405108
Snowden Drifts38715058
Desert Highlands3907051
Brisban Wildlands38014052
Elon Riverlands3867068
Domain of Kourna3846041
Lornar's Pass36316064
Ember Bay3586042
Divinity's Reach32720056
Kessex Hills31820062
Fields of Ruin31219065
Blazeridge Steppes31114047
Dredgehaunt Cliffs30515049
Plains of Ashford30712054
Iron Marches29714046
Domain of Istan3063030
Fireheart Rise28914046
Timberline Falls28314047
Sparkfly Fen27713046
Harathi Hinterlands26718053
Bloodtide Coast26712052
Cursed Shore26011030
Southsun Cove24012028
Obsidian Sanctum247104
Wayfarer Foothills2129047
Lake Doric1855029
Bitterfrost Frontier1774018
Alpine Borderlands141105
Alpine Borderlands141105
Rata Sum878023
Black Citadel848022
Bloodstone Fen857020
Mad King's Clock Tower82104
The Grove598022
Fractals of the Mists66104
Sun's Refuge570012
Scrap Rifle Field Test51105
Mad King's Labyrinth47004
Salma District (Home)215014
The Battle of Claw Island15106
Rending the Mantle13106
Tracking the Aspect Masters11106
Hero's Canton (Home)9204
The Dark Library10001
Snapping Steel10001
On the Mend8105
Into the Labyrinth7104
Speaker of the Dead7105
The Command Core6204
The Omphalos Chamber6204
Arson at the Orphanage6105
Voices From the Past6105
A Fragile Peace6105
Return to Camp Resolve6104
Mistlock Sanctuary7007
Noble's Folly7007
Ash Tribune Quarters5204
Blood Tribune Quarters5204
Citadel Stockade5204
Seraph Headquarters5204
Queen's Throne Room5204
Stonewright's Steading5204
Knut Whitebear's Loft5204
Hunter's Hearth (Home)5204
Council Level5204
Applied Development Lab (Home)5204
Snaff Memorial Lab5204
Dreamer's Terrace (Home)5203
Caer Aval5204
Chantry of Secrets5204
Drawing Out the Cult5105
Kellach's Attack5105
Killer Instinct5105
Don't Shoot the Messenger5105
Thieving from Thieves5104
Set to Blow5105
The Jungle Provides6001
Desperate Medicine4105
The Commander4105
Rending the Mantle4105
Ashes of the Past4105
The Orders of Tyria4105
Setting the Stage4104
Quaestor's Siege4104
Crusader's Return4105
Desperate Medicine3104
Brute Force3104
Triskell Quay3104
Meeting my Mentor3104
The Oratory3104
Forearmed Is Forewarned3104
Defense of Shaemoor2103
The Orders of Tyria2103
Mists Rift2002
The Crown Pavilion1001
Fahranur, the First City1001
Weekly Strike Mission: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen (Squad)1001
Eye of the North1001
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