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These are resources (textures or trl files) which are included in the pack, but that are not referenced by anything. Check for typos if the texture or trl is intended to be referenced or remove them from the pack to reduce the size of your marker pack.
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/blkf/tw_blkf_mission_travel_teleport_09.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/blkf/tw_blkf_mt26_1_toggletrail.trl
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/eod/region/tw_eod_region_stompingaround_task.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/eod/story/tw_eod_story_maigoodness.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/festival/superadventurebox/tw_sab_tribulation_shortcuts_sign.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/festival/superadventurebox/tw_trail_route_shortcut.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/fractals/tw_fractals_volcanic_skip_toggletrail.trl
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/general/tw_trailpoint_stealth.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/general/tw_trail_caveoutline.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/general/tw_trail_foot_stealth.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/general/tw_trail_swap_jackal.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/general/tw_trail_swap_skyscale.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/hot/region/tw_hot_aimskill1.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/hot/region/tw_hot_mussels.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/hot/region/tw_hot_strongbox.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/hot/region/tw_hot_useskill4.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/lws3/bitterfrostfrontier/tw_lws3_bitterfrostfrontier_iceboundchests_startsign.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/lws3/emberbay/tw_lws3_emberbay_teleportsign3.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/lws4/domainofkourna/tw_lws4_domainofkourna_rollerbeetlecollection_beetlefeed.png
  • data/tekkitsworkshop/mc/tw_co_core_trails_diessaplateau_toggletrail.trl

These are attributes which appear to have invalid values. Mouse over the red values to see why the value is unexpected.
  • <markercategory displayname="Court Duty - Where Lunatics Dare" tip-name="Court Duty - Where Lunatics Dare" achievementid="6048" mapdisplaysize="30" iconsize="0.7" behavior="3" heightoffset="3.5" iconfile="Data/TekkitsWorkshop/Festival/Halloween/tw_festival_halloween_court_duty_wld.png" />


These are festivals which are supported as indicated by the `festival` attribute.

These are achievements supported by the pack using the `achievementid` attribute.
  • "Cryptonym" Strongbox
  • "Dragonrender" Strongbox
  • "Endurance" Strongbox
  • "Faren's Flyer" Strongbox
  • "Glory of Tyria" Strongbox
  • "Legacy of Owl" Strongbox
  • "Lethal Vantage" Strongbox
  • "Mellaggan's Valor" Strongbox
  • "Obsidian Triumph" Strongbox
  • "Plains of Golghein" Strongbox
  • "Pride of Lion's Arch" Strongbox
  • "Scorchrazor II" Strongbox
  • "Shard of Brilliance" Strongbox
  • "Slice of Sky" Strongbox
  • "Straight and Narrow" Strongbox
  • "Sword of Smodur" Strongbox
  • "Thunderbreaker" Strongbox
  • "Unsolved Conundrum" Strongbox
  • "Vengeance Rising" Strongbox
  • "Whitebear's Pride II" Strongbox
  • A Blooming Errand
  • A Fungus Among Us: Gold
  • A Guardian Once More
  • A Hunger for Knowledge
  • A Sampling of Snargle
  • A Study in Gold
  • A Woman of Culture
  • Abyssal Dive
  • Acrid Springs Recovery
  • Almost Clever
  • Another Side, Another Story
  • Apprentice Kasandra's Notebook
  • Arborstone Hide-and-Seek Master
  • Archeotech Adept
  • Aspect Gatherer
  • Asset Recovery
  • Auric Basin Insight: Burnisher Quarry
  • Auric Basin Insight: Eastwatch Bluff
  • Auric Basin Insight: Jawatl Grounds
  • Auric Basin Insight: Lastgear Standing
  • Auric Basin Insight: Luminate's Throne
  • Auric Basin Insight: Masks of the Fallen
  • Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep
  • Auric Basin Insight: The Falls
  • Authorial Intent
  • Bat Wrangler
  • Beetle Feast: Gold
  • Beetle Juice
  • Beetle Saddle
  • Bian's World Tour
  • Bjora Marches Historian
  • Bleached Bones
  • Bookworm
  • Brand Stomped
  • Bringing Light to the Darkness
  • Bugs in the Branches: Gold
  • Building a Better Bot
  • Cache Hunter
  • Cami's Final Voyage
  • Central Tower Taker
  • Championship Bout
  • Character Growth
  • Chasing Waterfalls
  • Cin Business
  • Cleansing Tormented Remnants
  • Cleanup Duty
  • Clear the Canals
  • Cloak and Snagger
  • Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs
  • Coin Collector: Prospect Valley
  • Coin Collector: Uplands
  • Competent Commander
  • Corsair Keepsakes
  • Crow Catcher
  • Cryptseeker
  • Crystal Attunement
  • Dance like Bei Fung Is Watching
  • Data Breach
  • Dead Play
  • Dear Diary
  • Disco Dancing Delver
  • Distant Ancestry
  • Dive Bar
  • Dive Master: Chak Hive
  • Dive Master: Rilohn Falls
  • Dive Master: Verdant Brink
  • Dodger of Darkness
  • Dragon's End Insight: Brotherhood Rooftop
  • Dragon's End Insight: Jade Waves
  • Dragon's End Insight: Quarry Crane
  • Dragon's End Insight: Shrine Rooftop
  • Dragon's End Insight: Warehouse
  • Dragon's Stand Overviewer
  • Drizzlewood Historian
  • Drone Race: Gold
  • Droppin' Bombs
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Dwarven Remnants
  • Ears Wide Open
  • Echovald Unmade
  • Echovald Wilds Diver
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Altrumm Mines Catacomb
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Ancient Archives
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Aspenwood Passageway
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Cemetery Pond
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Ferndale Stairs
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Fort Aspenwood
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: House zu Heltzer
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Mori Village
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Qinkaishi Basin
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Saprophyte's Pond
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Temple of the Dredge
  • Echovald Wilds Insight: Wrightstone Chantry
  • Elusive Elemental Eliminator
  • Enchanted Armor Wearer
  • Equipment Tracker
  • Every Piece Matters (2013)
  • Evolution within Decay
  • Exhibit Aye
  • Extracurricular Studies of the Astral Kind
  • Eyes for Ears
  • Fallen Masks: Gold
  • Family Values
  • Feline of the Labyrinth
  • Fire Jumper
  • Flameseeker Prophecies
  • Flying Circus: Gold
  • Forgotten City Arches
  • Forgotten Debris
  • Fragments I Have Shored
  • Garrison Historian
  • Gentle Hearts
  • Go for the Gold
  • Golem Behavior Analysis
  • Good to See You
  • Good, Better, Nest
  • Gotchu!
  • Grand Savant Valis the Learned's Research Journal
  • Grothmar Valley Historian
  • Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle: Gold
  • Hidden Amphibian
  • Hidden Carrot Hunt
  • Holo-Hornpipe
  • Honorary Plumber
  • Hunting Champions
  • Idolatry
  • Illuminating Seitung Province
  • In a Grain of Sand
  • In This Together
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Intel Acquired
  • Investigative Study 2
  • Invisible King
  • Jumping Training
  • Jungle Totem Hunter
  • Kaineng Unmade
  • Laser Lighter
  • Learned Legendary Llama Locator
  • Legendary Llama Locator
  • Lessons Learned
  • Letters from E
  • Ley Line Glider
  • Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator
  • Light These Streets
  • Lighting Dragon's End
  • Lighting the Echovald Wilds
  • Literary Thievery
  • Little Foxes in the Big City
  • Log Date 1331
  • Looking Back
  • Lore Untangler
  • Lost Badges
  • Lost Lab Locator
  • Lost Lore
  • Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis
  • Lost Lore of Desert Highlands
  • Lost Lore of Elon Riverlands
  • Lost Lore of the Desolation
  • Lost Lore of the Domain of Vabbi
  • Lost Password
  • Lost to Time
  • Magic Hunter
  • Making Cents of Jahai
  • Mantis Pose
  • Master Aspect Gatherer
  • Master Mushroom Spelunker
  • Mech Behavior Analysis
  • Memorabilia
  • Mercy of the Mordant
  • Misty Leap
  • Munchies
  • Munition Re-Upper
  • Mushroom Musterer
  • Mysterious Journal
  • New Kaineng Insight: Ancient Vault
  • New Kaineng Insight: Jade Monument
  • New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Market
  • New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Plaza
  • New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Plaza Rooftop Garden
  • New Kaineng Insight: Ministry Ward Platform
  • New Kaineng Insight: Ministry Ward Waypoint
  • New Kaineng Insight: Naksi Bay Ruins
  • New Kaineng Insight: Petrified Shipping Docks
  • New Kaineng Insight: Pool of Tranquility
  • New Kaineng Insight: Salvage Yard
  • New Kaineng Insight: Shipwreck Graveyard
  • New Kaineng Insight: South Old Kaineng Ruins
  • No Mask Left Behind
  • Northern Tower Taker
  • Not Too Worse for Wear
  • Notetaker
  • Ogre Airship Climber
  • On Wings of Gold: Gold
  • Open Skies: Crystal Oasis
  • Open Skies: Desert Highlands
  • Open Skies: Domain of Vabbi
  • Open Skies: Elon Riverlands
  • Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom
  • Open Skies: The Desolation
  • Out of Cluck
  • Pact Pilot Protector
  • Pest Control
  • Philanthropist
  • Poster Child
  • Potoni Masher
  • Praise Joko!
  • Prismatic Percher
  • Prismatic Plunderer
  • Pulse Room Glider
  • Pure Enmity
  • Quirky Quaggan Quest
  • Raven Lens Scholar
  • Read "The Secret of the Vault"
  • Readathon
  • Regurgicidal
  • Respect for the Dead
  • Respect Your Elders
  • Respects Paid
  • Risen Research
  • Rock Collector
  • Salvage Pit: Gold
  • Sanctum Scramble: Gold
  • Scourge Buster
  • Scrap Rifle Field Test: Gold
  • Seitung Province Insight: Abandoned Temple Rooftop
  • Seitung Province Insight: Affluent House
  • Seitung Province Insight: Airship Wreckage
  • Seitung Province Insight: Camp Peaks
  • Seitung Province Insight: Crystal Cave
  • Seitung Province Insight: Derelict Temple
  • Seitung Province Insight: Dreary Caves
  • Seitung Province Insight: Monastery Temple
  • Seitung Province Insight: Naga Island
  • Seitung Province Insight: Northern Cherry Blossom
  • Seitung Province Insight: Shore Peaks
  • Seitung Province Insight: Valor Shrine
  • Seitung Province Insight: Zen Daijun Cat Island
  • Seitung Province Insight: Zen Daijun Temple
  • Shadows Creep
  • Shadows Provisions
  • Shards of Jormag
  • Shiver at the Peaks
  • Shooting Gallery: Gold
  • Shooting Star
  • Skyscale Eggs
  • Skyscale Fever
  • Skyscale Lost
  • Skyscale Rider: Drizzlewood Coast
  • Skyscale Scales
  • Sniper's Nest
  • Southern Tower Taker
  • Spiritual Childcare
  • Spiritual Renewal
  • Steamy Selection
  • Storyteller: Abaddon
  • Storyteller: Balthazar
  • Storyteller: Dwayna
  • Storyteller: Grenth
  • Storyteller: Lyssa
  • Storyteller: Melandru
  • Study of the Macabre
  • Sum Viewer
  • Tablets of the Unseen
  • Take a Bow
  • Tamer of Wyverns
  • Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence
  • Tangled Depths Insight: Nuhoch Lane
  • Tangled Depths Insight: Order of Whispers Outpost
  • Tangled Depths Insight: Terraced Hive
  • Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct
  • Tarir Challenge Winner
  • Tarnished Traitor
  • Tassi Master
  • Tendril Torchers: Gold
  • Tengu Weapon Etchings
  • The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy
  • The End of the Celestial Ministry
  • The Fate of House zu Heltzer
  • The Floor Is Lava?: Gold
  • The Golden Chicken
  • The Haunted Altar
  • The Haunted Court
  • The Haunted Perch
  • The Hidden Vault
  • The History of New Kaineng
  • The Last of Their Kind
  • The Ley-Line Run: Gold
  • The Longest Glide
  • The Memoirs of Justiciar Bauer
  • The Premium Tour
  • The Rise and Fall of Kookoochoo
  • Things Were Different Back Then
  • Thirsty Tourist
  • Thorough Sampling
  • Token Collector
  • Totems of the Itzel
  • Tower Diver
  • Tracing the Tapestry
  • Treasure Sleuth
  • Treetop Retriever
  • Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Canopy Over Pact Encampment
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Creaking Cavern
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Creeping Crevasse
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Fumerol Caves
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Heartless Pass
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Holdfast Hollow
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Outside Noble Ledges
  • Verdant Brink Insight: The Corpse Grove
  • Verdant Brink Insight: Thistlevine Ravine
  • Vinetooth Hunter
  • Visions of Dragonfall
  • Visions of Istan
  • Visions of Jahai
  • Visions of Kourna
  • Visions of Sandswept Isles
  • Visions of Thunderhead Peaks
  • Wallowing Whiz
  • Watchful Eyes
  • What Did the Shrine Guardians Say?


These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack.
  • displayname 38828
  • mapid 38828
  • guid 38828
  • type 38828
  • iconfile 37875
  • xpos 37875
  • ypos 37875
  • zpos 37875
  • iconsize 37865
  • heightoffset 37865
  • fadefar 34142
  • fadenear 34116
  • minsize 33109
  • mapvisibility 18380
  • minimapvisibility 17492
  • mapdisplaysize 16713
  • behavior 8224
  • achievementid 2624
  • achievementbit 1801
  • traildata 953
  • animspeed 953
  • texture 953
  • resetlength 693
  • ingamevisibility 656
  • autotrigger 147
  • triggerrange 147
  • togglecategory 19

These are attributes ordered by the frequency in which they are used within the pack which are specifically supported by Blish HUD.
  • tip-name 14425
  • tip-description 1506
  • profession 266
  • copy 147
  • copy-message 147


Map Markers Trails Routes Unique Textures
Super Adventure Box450940053
Super Adventure Box265439045
Verdant Brink143113073
New Kaineng City9555051
The Echovald Wilds9315050
Tangled Depths864400101
Auric Basin7439072
Diessa Plateau71318069
Grothmar Valley7178049
Bjora Marches70114033
Dragon's End7045036
Seitung Province6559055
Gendarran Fields63520086
Crystal Oasis63116084
Lion's Arch63110059
The Silverwastes60010034
Mount Maelstrom55518074
Thunderhead Peaks5577041
The Desolation55410071
Super Adventure Box5594014
Caledon Forest53217078
Drizzlewood Coast5284035
Dragon's Stand51813056
Jahai Bluffs5226047
Draconis Mons5149034
Elon Riverlands5109091
Siren's Landing5084029
Domain of Vabbi49611075
Labyrinthine Cliffs4788026
Malchor's Leap46015038
Sandswept Isles4526042
Desert Highlands4368059
Ember Bay4216046
Domain of Kourna4127049
Metrica Province39512064
Frostgorge Sound39017067
Mad King's Raceway405108
Domain of Istan3994039
Brisban Wildlands38315065
Divinity's Reach37220065
Lornar's Pass32617080
Fields of Ruin32120083
Dredgehaunt Cliffs31316060
Dry Top31613042
Snowden Drifts30716071
Kessex Hills27622071
Plains of Ashford25413063
Sparkfly Fen24914058
Blazeridge Steppes24015059
Obsidian Sanctum248105
Southsun Cove23013033
Harathi Hinterlands22319058
Timberline Falls22115058
Bitterfrost Frontier2254022
Straits of Devastation21215052
Lake Doric2185033
Fireheart Rise20016057
Cursed Shore20013035
Iron Marches19415055
Wayfarer Foothills19410059
Bloodtide Coast15014064
Alpine Borderlands1592019
Alpine Borderlands1582019
Bloodstone Fen1327024
Rata Sum1248033
Black Citadel1238032
Fractals of the Mists93206
The Grove858031
Armistice Bastion90104
Mad King's Clock Tower82104
Fractals of the Mists67105
Sun's Refuge610013
Scrap Rifle Field Test51105
Fractals of the Mists48106
Mad King's Labyrinth47004
Fractals of the Mists45104
Fractals of the Mists35105
Fractals of the Mists35105
Fractals of the Mists27207
Salma District (Home)225016
Fractals of the Mists21207
Eternal Battlegrounds200018
Fractals of the Mists16208
Fractals of the Mists16103
The Battle of Claw Island15106
The Scenic Route: Kaineng Docks16001
Fractals of the Mists13208
Eye of the North15003
Rending the Mantle13106
Fallout: Arborstone14001
Desert Borderlands140014
Tracking the Aspect Masters11106
The Future in Jade: Nahpui Lab12001
Hero's Canton (Home)10206
Hard Boiled—The Scene of the Crime11002
The Dark Library10001
Weight of the World: Lady Joon's Estate10005
Snapping Steel10001
Lion's Arch Aerodrome100010
On the Mend8105
Chantry of Secrets7207
Into the Labyrinth7104
Speaker of the Dead7105
Mistlock Sanctuary8008
Noble's Folly8008
Aetherblade Retreat8002
The Command Core6205
Hunter's Hearth (Home)6206
Applied Development Lab (Home)6206
Dreamer's Terrace (Home)6205
The Omphalos Chamber6205
Arson at the Orphanage6105
Voices From the Past6105
A Fragile Peace6105
Return to Camp Resolve6104
Fractals of the Mists7001
Fractals of the Mists6106
Ash Tribune Quarters5205
Blood Tribune Quarters5205
Citadel Stockade5205
Queen's Throne Room5205
Seraph Headquarters5205
Knut Whitebear's Loft5205
Stonewright's Steading5205
Council Level5205
Snaff Memorial Lab5205
Caer Aval5205
Drawing Out the Cult5105
Kellach's Attack5105
Killer Instinct5105
Don't Shoot the Messenger5105
Thieving from Thieves5104
Set to Blow5105
Fractals of the Mists5105
The Jungle Provides6001
Desperate Medicine4105
The Commander4105
Rending the Mantle4105
Ashes of the Past4105
The Orders of Tyria4105
Setting the Stage4104
Quaestor's Siege4104
Crusader's Return4105
Fractals of the Mists5005
Desperate Medicine3104
Brute Force3104
Triskell Quay3104
Meeting my Mentor3104
The Oratory3104
The Future in Jade: Power Plant4001
Deepest Secrets: Yong Reactor4001
Eye of the North4004
Defense of Shaemoor2103
The Orders of Tyria2103
Forearmed Is Forewarned3003
Fractals of the Mists1102
The Durmand Priory2002
Hard Boiled—The Dead End2001
Fractals of the Mists0101
Fractals of the Mists0101
Fractals of the Mists0101
Fractals of the Mists0101
Zen Daijun Hideaway1001
Detention Facility1001
The Crown Pavilion1001
Case Closed—The Dead End1001
Zalambur's Office1001
Office of the Chief Councilor1001
The Ruined City of Arah1001
Heart of the Mists1001
Honor of the Waves1001
Guild Initiative Office1001
Lost Precipice1001
Windswept Haven1001
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